Semana Santa (April 17th - 24th)

The Semana Santa, or Holy Week in Seville, declared to be of National Tourist Interest, dates back over hundreds of years and is of great traditional significance here in the city. A total of 80 Brotherhoods walk out in procession through the streets of the old town of Seville from Palm Sunday through to Good Friday in a spectacular demonstration of popular art and religious fervour which mobilises the whole city.

The richness of the religious figures carried through the streets upon magnificent pasos decorated with delicate silverwork and embroidery, together with the deep felt popular connotations of the festival itself, perfectly illustrated by the spontaneous singing of the traditional saetas issuing from the secluded corners of the historic centre of Seville, offering the spectator a unique vision of Semana Santa in Andalucia.

Seville‘s April Fair (May 2th - 8th)

The April feria of Seville is the biggest event of the year for this city. More than 1 million visitors, tourists as well as the jet set, come to admire the art of women dancing in the streets dressed with magnificent traditional Flamenco outfits and parading decorated horses pulling rich antique carriages.

The whole week Sevillana music floats in the air till very late at night. Magic nights, all tapas bars are filled non stop, happiness is the only thing on peoples mind.

Jerez‘ Feria del Caballo (May 8th - 15th)

The Gonzalez Hontoria Park provides the unbeatable setting for the Horse Fair where over two hundred casetas are set up and are open for all to enjoy, both Jerezanos and visitors alike.

A spectacular Horse Parade takes place throughout the duration of the Fair, with hundreds of horsemen and women attired in the traditional short-jacketed suits, their companions wearing the even more characteristic gypsy dresses, ride around the streets of the Real.

During the Horse Fair there are numerous exhibitions, events and both national and international competitions of Classical Dressage, Doma Vaquera, RAID, Polo, Driving, Gala Shows by the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, Yeguada de la Cartuja, EQUISUR and Bull Fights, all combining to make the Horse Fair an experience to be enjoyed to the full.